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Over the years, I've had the privilege of supporting hundreds of amazing people, and contributing to their therapeutic journeys. It's been truly inspiring to witness the transformative power of self-discovery and growth in their lives. Below, you can read about some of their experiences.

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One-on-one Clients 

"I worked with Michael during an especially difficult period in my life when I was struggling with debilitating feelings of anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts. These negative emotions were controlling my life and I was turning to the same negative means of escaping these feelings as most likely caused them in the first place. 
I must admit to the process being a difficult one: looking at the areas of your life where you know you have lost direction can be challenging, but at the same time I found it hugely liberating.
Where I was expecting a psychoanalytical delve into the ‘why’ – the causal effects of my ‘condition’ – instead Michael challenged me to ask myself ‘what’: “what am I feeling?” as opposed  to “why am I feeling like this?”. It sounds simple but for me it was a total revelation. By holding up a mirror and essentially guiding a conversation with myself, he helped me find my own solutions: I felt more like a human and less like a patient asking a doctor for a remedy to my aches and pains.
Michael will work with an individual on equal terms, without judgment. You need to be open and prepared to share: the more you give, the greater rewards you will reap. For me, tapping into repressed channels of expression through poetry was just one of the ways we learned to explore a side of me that had shut down a long time ago. There are many different facets to my personality that I had wanted to explore but never knew how – or, quite simply, didn’t have the courage to explore – which I am now seeing come to fruition as a result of working with Michael.
It’s easy to talk, to make noise, but these days not many people listen.
Michael is, perhaps, the greatest listener I’ve ever met."

– Adam Bray, Director at Savills.

"I am beginning to realise how much our sessions mean to me and how I appreciate your compassion, guidance and wisdom - THANK YOU!"

– Craig Rowe, Television Presenter.  

"I learned more about myself within a couple of sessions of working with Michael than I did in 15-years of therapy and I've worked with some of the top psychologists and psychiatrists in my country." Hayden Barker, Broker. 

“You are a master of your craft.” 
– James Loudon, award winning documentary maker. 

Workshop Clients 

"You'd normally have to win the world cup to get a feeling of connection and camaraderie like this, absolutely amazing!"

– Paul Broxis. 

"The best group experience I've ever had. I've never felt so free."

– Michael Leak.

"A tonic for mind and body"

– Jeremy Hazell. 

"Micahel's workshop allowed me the space and safety to explore what it physically feels like to be my authentic self, perhaps for the first time in my life. I have come to realize what being good enough means for me and I now have some great, simple and best of all FUN tools to change my life by changing my body any time I want. I wish this experience for every man."
​– Martin Hahnhel

"A truly unique 'learning through playing' group experience. More fun, laughter, general silliness, and compassion than I could have possibly imagined, while exploring an emotionally charged landscape. I highly recommend this!"
– David Kossew

​"I found the workshop to be stimulating, adventurous, informative, and a fun way to stretch into some discomfort in a safe and well facilitated space. Well done for keeping the theory simple and easy to understand and apply!" 
– Spiro Yaffes​.

​"Your workshop opened my mind - and more importantly, my body - to a new way of being and finding happiness. It also equipped me with simple tools that provide a palpable antidote to the "I'm not good enough" narrative in my head and the happiness-sucking reality that is part of much of modern life." 
– Andrew Fletcher. 


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