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Life Coaching

Helping you balance fulfilment, success and wellbeing on your journey of individuation.


"Thanks to Michael, I'm enjoying life again for the first time in years."

Chris Statho, Trader.

"Everyone needs a Michael Dale in their life!"

Oliver Bengough, CEO, KOKO. 

"I experienced more relief in a few sessions with Michael than I did from 15 years of therapy."

 Hayden Barker, Broker. 

"Know Thyself. Accept Thyself. Love Thyself.
No matter what you have done or where you have been, know, accept, and love who you are.
– Rumi 

It works

Supporting your journey of individuation with 15 years of experience 

Whether you want to unlock your potential for greater wellbeing or you're battling with challenges like addiction, anxiety, depression, or a sense of purposelessness, the long and winding road to personal growth can seem overwhelming. That's where I step in. With 15 years of practical experience and ongoing studies in various therapeutic methods, including Coaching, Jungian Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness, and more, I provide a personalised approach to guide you on your journey of individuation. Let's work together to tailor strategies to your unique needs and empower you to conquer life's hurdles.


"I had a single session with Michael, and it was amazing. I feel so different. I haven't felt like this in decades; it's surprisingly transformative. What you go through, what you feel, how your fundamental beliefs are restructured, and that smile you deserve is restored. Thank you very much, Michael; you changed my life. Words can't describe my gratitude."

Dhruv Soni, Shark Tank Entrepreneur. 

"Michael's wisdom and compassion helped me transform my life."

Craig Rowe, TV Presenter.  

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"I'd been to rehab for alcoholism 11 times before I worked with Michael but I haven't been back since. It's been over three years now."


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